Massage is a unique method of recuperation and energy renovation in the human body.

Benefits of the massage in Neopant Caribe spa salon:
- muscle relaxation
- improvement of skin elasticity
- elimination of stress and tension of the nervous system
- elimination of tiredness
- prevention of muscle pain

Massage is a complex of techniques of applying pressure on the body tissues and organs through rubbing, smoothing, stroking the human body manually or with special tools.

External pressure is received by skin and muscle receptors to be passed to the central nervous system. Depending on the massage technique and tools applied, the flow of impulses may boost the function of the central nervous system or, on the contrary, produce the relaxing and soothing effect. Anyway, in both cases, the massage contributes to proper functioning of all body systems and organs.

There are four most popular massage types; general traditional, recuperative, sport, and cosmetic. Besides, there are several other special massage types, such as acupuncture, and manual, for example.

In the Dominican Republic, massage treatments are classified in a slightly different way, which is used in Neopant Caribe spa salon:
- shoulder and neck massage;
- lymphatic drainage massage;
- relaxing massage;
- deep body tissue massage;
- prenatal massage for pregnant women;
- postoperative massage;
- massage with special tools and devices (ultrasound, infrared, vacuum, and other functions)

Enjoy the moments of complete relaxation and pleasure. You deserve it!



Habitual and proper body treatment at home helps keep the skin elastic and young for long. However, it does not mean that spa salon treatment becomes unnecessary, since only there, experienced specialists can pamper your skin with different effective and healthy treatments.

Professional cosmetologists of Neopant Caribe will choose the most effective body products and treatments to meet your needs, considering your skin type and physiological traits. We apply special professional cosmetics containing all the ingredients necessary to satisfy numerous demands of our customers.

From treatments difficult to be done at home, we offer:

Peeling – deep body cleansing carried out with different abrasive products (grape, orange, apricot seeds, salt, or sugar – depending on the body part and the skin type).

Anti-cellulite programs, including different wrapping treatments with mud, algae, honey, oil, as well as cold dressing wrapping.

Body forming plaster masks for weight loss.

After-sun treatment: skin moisturizing with special gels and creams chosen for your skin type and sunburn grade if there is any.



Good-quality and proper professional manicure helps not only get beautiful nails but also moisturize the hand skin, solve the problem of hang-nails, or amend even more serious issues, for example, the ingrowing nail. Getting into a habit of doing manicure regularly at Neopant Caribe, beautiful, cared-for hands will become your object of pride.

Ideal manicure is not a gift of nature, but a result of hard work that can be professionally done by our specialists. They combine traditional classical and European manicure techniques to meet your requirements and obtain a healthy look for your hands and nails. We use only the best modern nail polish which will remain on your nails for long without damaging them.

Neopant Caribe specialists consider pedicure as a hygienic and esthetic feet treatment necessary for men and women on a regular basis. The thing is that the healthier your feet are, the healthier your whole body will be, and the better your mood. That is why proper feet treatment is a need for a modern person, and it can be met in our spa salon with the help of Neopant Caribe specialists.

Neopant Caribe manicure and pedicure professionals strictly adhere to all hygienic rules, which guarantees the safety for our clients. You can just relax and enjoy the process and its fantastic result – healthy-looking and cared-for hands and feet.