Gel Neopant

Composition: Aqueous extract of dry Extropant deer antler velvet, gel carbopol 956, water, fructose, urea, formic acid, birch bark extract, natural honey, Siberian fir needle extract, BPK-2 (the stabilizing composition of natural components).

Properties: The Basic Toning Preparation with high efficacy and directed action, being able to penetrate efficiently through the skin. Stimulates blood microcirculation and local blood circulation, improves metabolic processes and strains muscle fibers.

The healing properties of the composition of PANTOVIY GEL NEOPANT (Gel of aqueous extract of deer antler velvet NEOPANT) are determined by the biological properties of dry Extropant and formic acid, and their effects of mutual synergy in the area of ​​application.

The dry EXTROPANT is the aqueous extract of the deer antler velvet from the Altai, a balanced natural multicomponent complex, with multiple biological effects. In case of application on the affected area, it stimulates blood microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, reduces tissue hypoxia, stimulates metabolic and repair processes, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous properties, stimulates tissue detoxification, normalizes the tone, improves nutrition and restores muscle capacity, exerts a resorption and healing action. It contains factors that stimulate growth and improve the structure of connective tissue, the regeneration (recovery) of cartilage and hair reinforcement.

THE FORMIC ACID – has a warming effect and a very high capacity of penetration into the tissue, reinforces the local blood circulation, has a local anesthetic effect and revulsive action, relieves stress and pain sensations related to the accumulation of lactic acid in The muscles during intense physical activity, contains a significant amount of organic zinc compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects.

Dry Extropant and formic acid have a synergistic effect, that is, they mutually reinforce their biological action. In particular, formic acid significantly increases the penetration of the components of the Extropant into the deeper layers of the skin and reinforces its action in the affected areas, while the Extropant multiplies the anti-inflammatory effects of formic acid.

The gel absorbs quickly, leaves no grease stains and does not dirty clothes. It does not contain dyes.

Indications for use: It is recommended for prevention as a single product for several procedures, also in combination with different therapeutic procedures (combined therapy) in SPA and at home, for preventive applications, sports massages and Cosmetics, application and physiotherapy courses, in order to prevent problems of the musculoskeletal system (inflammatory processes and degenerative lesions of the locomotor, neuro-muscular systems of a low severity), muscle strengthening, improvement of blood microcirculation and local blood circulation, metabolic processes in the body, as well as in case of trauma and pain in joints and muscles.

THE PANTOVIY GEL NEOPANT (Gel of the aqueous extract of deer antler velvet NEOPANT) is also used as a toning substance in cosmetology:

  • To improve skin tone
  • For massage for physiotherapy:
  • To improve the effectiveness of SPA procedures.

Contraindications: Individual component intolerance, thrombophlebitis and phlebotrombosis.

Application methods:

  1. Applications to the affected areas. – The NEOPANT deer antler velvet aqueous extract gel is applied to clean skin for 2-3 ml by circular massage movements and repeated applications during One session, until fully absorbed. The gel action reaches maximum results within 15-20 minutes. The duration of the course is 10-15 days with 2-3 sessions each day. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
  2. Massage (the patented methodology). – At the beginning, the special heating massage without creams, carrier oils, etc., is carried out to improve blood circulation and microcirculation in the affected area. Then, 5-10 ml (or more if necessary) of the gel is applied to the massage area followed by friction for 1-2 minutes, almost until complete absorption of the gel. It is allowed to apply the gel up to three times during a session, if applicable. After applying to the affected area, a patient rests for 3-5 minutes when covered with a sheet or blanket with the warming effect. (While you can massage other areas of the body, if applicable). Then the oil carrier is applied and the massage is carried out according to the chosen methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
  3. Physiotherapy to increase the effectiveness of microcirculation and micro-oscillation physiotherapy procedures. – The gel is recommended to carry out preventive procedures using photophoresis, phonophoresis, electrophoresis and electrotherapy with sinusoidal current of modulated intensity to prevent musculoskeletal system problems (inflammatory processes and degenerative lesions of the locomotor, neuro-muscular systems of low severity), as well as a contact gel.
    1. In case of photophoresis and electrotherapy with sinusoidal current of modulated intensity, 5-10 ml are applied by gentle circular movements until absorption (2-3 minutes). Then the area is subject to treatment with a physiotherapy device according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
    2. In case of phonophoresis the physiotherapy device will proceed immediately after applying 5-10 ml of the gel on the affected area without rubbing. The procedure is carried out according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
    3. In case of electrophoresis, 5-10 ml of the gel is applied directly to the affected area and the interelectrode space without rubbing. The electrophoresis procedure is carried out according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.

Term and storage conditions: The product should be stored in a dark place, away from the reach of children, at a temperature of 4 ° to 30 ° C. Expiration period – 2 years.

TU 9158-002-30736170-2012: The product is the author’s own development. All rights reserved.

Packaging: 100 ml bottles.

Contraindications: Individual component intolerance, thrombophlebitis and phlebotrombosis.

Manufacturer: Extropant S.R.L. – according to the order and documentation of the individual entrepreneur Evgenii Andreevich Grigorev, the Russian Federation, 630559, the Novosibirsk Region, Koltsovo people, industrial estate of the Public Scientific Center of Virology and Bioengineering “Vektor”, ed. 112, 1st floor, local 126

Distributor: The company Neopant Caribe SRL, The Dominican Republic.
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Cosmetic massage gel – toning

It is indicated for use:

  • In cosmetology – for light morning massage of the face, neck, bust and hands, with the purpose of improving skin tone. The massage areas are indicated in the images that follow.
  • In SPA physiotherapy – to increase the efficiency of SPA treatments.

Cosmetic massage gel

It is indicated for use in the following types of massage:

  • Therapeutic: General and local (in such areas as the back, belly, hands, feet);
  • Hygienic (prophylactic);
  • Sports;
  • Cosmetic: the face, body, hands, feet.


Massage – is a set of methods of mechanical effect and reflection on tissues and organs, which is applied in the form of rubbing, pressure and vibration, and is carried out directly on a surface of the human body, both with the hands and special devices, to achieve a therapeutic or other effect.

External excitations are perceived by the receptors of the skin and muscles, by the reflex points; then, under the influence of deep tissue and organ massage with excitations of the receptors located in the tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, fascia, muscles, with the excitations of the receptors on the walls of the vessels and internal organs, are transmitted through the channels sensitive to the central nervous system. Depending on the technique and methods used, the impulse flow can stimulate and improve the tone of the central nervous system, or, on the contrary, exert a relaxing effect on it, a fact that positively influences the activity of all physiological systems of the organism.

There are four main types of massage: therapeutic, hygienic, sports and cosmetic.

Physiological influence of massage on the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue
Under the influence of massage the skin is cleaned of residual secretions of the skin glands, corneal scales of the superficial layer of the epidermis, the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands of the skin are emptied, thus improving blood circulation , the metabolism and regeneration of the skin. Due to the improvement of blood circulation, edemas and congestive phenomena of the skin and subcutaneous tissue are eliminated, while pale, dry, flaccid and straight skin becomes pink, elastic and velvety.

Massage strengthens the resistance of the skin against mechanical and temperature influences. Mechanical energy is transformed during thermal energy massage. As a consequence, the local temperature of the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the area under massage increases, the blood flow to the tissues of the massaged area increases. Increased metabolism of the skin and subcutaneous tissue leads to increased metabolism of the entire body. It has been shown that massage leads to the reduction of fat in fat deposits, due to the strengthening of general metabolic processes.

Physiological influence of massage on the systems: cardiovascular and lymphatic
Massage exerts a significant influence on the capillaries of the skin, which represent an extensive reflexogenic zone of the vascular system. Therefore, the enlargement of the capillaries of the skin under the influence of massage strengthens the metabolism, nutrition and regeneration of tissues throughout the body. The massage also contributes to the dilation of the capillaries, promoting venous reflux.

This leads to the acceleration of the elimination of decomposition products, of spills, of pathological sediments, reducing congestion phenomena and edema. Under the influence of blood massage increases the amount of hemoglobin, erythrocytes, platelets and leukocytes, especially in cases of anemia. The massage facilitates the work of the heart through the normalization of the tone of the vessels of the arterial and venous bed. Massage also has a great influence on the lymphatic system. Lymph, serves as an intermediary between blood and tissue cells, bathes each cell through which the exchange of substances between blood and tissues is performed.

Physiological influence of massage on the muscular system, joints and ligaments

Under the influence of massage increases the elasticity of muscle fibers, improves contractile function, prevents or reduces muscle atrophy, increases metabolism and assimilation by muscle cells of various substances, increases lymphatic and blood circulation in the muscles , its food and regeneration. The massage removes muscle fatigue and increases the working capacity of the muscles. A soft massage, of short duration, restores the working capacity of fatigued muscles much faster than a short passive rest.

Under the influence of massage improves blood circulation in the joints and in the soft tissues surrounding the joints, the joints and ligaments are fortified, the resorption of pathological sediments is accelerated, the mobility of the joints increases. In the case of the treatment of joint diseases, it is very important to massage the muscles that are directly related to the affected joints, as well as the places of the joint of the tendons, ligaments and joint capsules to the bones. Conditions for the sedimentation of salts and for residual inflammation are created in the places where the tendons and ligaments join the bone. Often these places become very painful and delicate, and should be massaged very carefully.

Physiological influence of massage on the nervous system.
The nervous system is the first to perceive the mechanical excitement caused on the patient’s skin by the hands of the masseuse. Using various types of massage, changing its rhythm and duration, you can modify the functional state of the cerebral cortex, lower or raise the excitation of the central nervous system, intensify or restore lost reflexes, improve diet and gas exchange of the nerve fibers, as well as the conductivity of nerve impulses.

The correct choice of massage forms, methods and techniques to be used is expressed by a pleasant sensation of heat throughout the body, the improvement of well-being and general tone, as well as the plenary physical satisfaction. If the massage methods used are not entirely the most appropriate and correct, feelings of general weakness, excitations, palpitations, pain, dizziness, etc. may arise.

In addition to the mechanical effects and to reinforce them, special oils for massage are applied in the first place, as well as aromatic and balsamic oils, gels, medicinal ointments and other preparations.