Gel Neopant PP

Composition: Aqueous extract of dry Extropant deer antler velvet, gel carbopol 956, water, fructose, urea, formic acid, nicotinic acid (vitamin PP), menthol, medicinal leech extract, extract Birch bark, natural honey, Siberian fir needle extract, BPK-2 (the stabilizing composition of natural components).

Properties: The REGENERATIVE preparation of high efficacy and directed action, being able to penetrate efficiently through the skin.

It is able to significantly increase the microcirculation and local blood circulation, the elasticity of the blood vessels, has the expressed anti-edematous effect, the dermatological and cosmetic components forced, stimulates the regeneration of the connective tissue and the skin, improves the elasticity and tone of the skin, accelerates metabolic processes, strengthens muscle fibers, has increased anesthetic, spasmodic and resorption effects, very strong muscle relaxant effect and increased anti-inflammatory action.

The curative characteristics of the composition PANTOVIY GEL NEOPANT PP (Gel of the aqueous extract of deer antler velvet NEOPANT PP), are determined by the biological properties of extropant, formic acid, medicinal leech extract, nicotinic acid, menthol and its synergy in the application area.

The dry EXTROPANT is the extract of the deer antler velvet from Altai, a balanced natural multicomponent complex, with multiple biological effects. In case of application on the affected area, it stimulates blood microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, reduces tissue hypoxia, stimulates metabolic and repair processes, has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous properties, stimulates tissue detoxification, normalizes the tone, improves nutrition and restores muscle capacity, exerts a resorption and healing action. It contains factors that stimulate growth and improve the structure of connective tissue, the regeneration (recovery) of cartilage and hair reinforcement.

THE FORMIC ACID – has a warming effect and a very high capacity of penetration into the tissue, reinforces the local blood circulation, has a local anesthetic effect and revulsive action, relieves stress and pain sensations related to the accumulation of lactic acid in The muscles during intense physical activity, contains a significant amount of organic zinc compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulatory effects.

The MEDICINAL BLOOD EXTRACT reduces blood clotting in the application area, strengthens the walls of capillaries and veins, prevents blood clots and facilitates their resorption, restores altered blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory, immunostimulatory effect, antihypoxic (antiischemic) and anti-atherosclerotic.

NICOTINIC ACID – in case of external application it dilates the peripheral vessels, stimulates local blood circulation, provides a local heating effect, prevents thrombus formation, increases vascular permeability and ensures better penetration of the components in the skin and subcutaneous tissues, participates in the regulation of the reduction-oxidation balance of cells, increases skin elasticity and reduces xeroderma; normalizes the state of hair follicles, accelerates hair growth, stimulates metabolic processes in their roots;

EL MENTOL has a slight anesthetic, analgesic (impact) and local calming effect, it has mild antispasmodic and antiseptic properties, produces a sensation of cold that mitigates itching and skin irritation;

Extropant, formic acid and medicinal leech extract, nicotinic acid and menthol have a synergistic effect, that is, they mutually reinforce their biological action. In particular, formic acid significantly increases the penetration of extropant components in the deeper layers of the skin and reinforces their action in the affected areas, while medicinal leech extract and nicotinic acid increases biological accessibility from extropant substances to cells, increasing their effects. Menthol increases the healing properties of extropant, including anesthetics and cosmetics. Extropant, in turn, multiplies the anti-inflammatory effects of formic acid, medicinal leech extract and nicotinic acid, as well as the anesthetic and antispasmodic effect of menthol.

The gel absorbs quickly, leaves no grease stains and does not dirty clothes. It does not contain dyes.

Indications for use: It is recommended for preventive application, as a product colo for several procedures, also in combination with different therapeutic procedures (combined therapy) in SPA and at home, for preventive applications, massages sports and cosmetics, wraps, applications and physiotherapy courses:

  1. In order to prevent locomotor system problems (inflammatory processes and degenerative lesions of the locomotor, neuro-muscular systems), in case of old, trophic and dysmetabolic diseases, as well as to eliminate pain in muscles and the osteoarticular system, posttraumatic and allergic edema, including:
    • Traumatic bruises, sprains, detorsions, with posttraumatic edema.
      allergic edema
    • Superficial bruises (bruises), abrasions, skin lesions
    • Sensations of stress, tiredness and pain in legs, caused by excessive stress and physical exercises
    • Radiculitis, neuralgia (pain that runs along the nerve), lumbago
    • In case of inflammatory processes and degenerative and dystrophic problems of the osteoarticular system – arthritis (tenosynovitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, mono and nonspecific polyarthritis, periarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteochondrosis)
  2. In cosmetology and dermatology it is recommended for use as the soothing, tonic and nourishing substance of the face and body skin, also:
    • Cellulite Prevention
    • Wraps
    • In case of high porosity, erasure, softness, dryness, roughness of the skin (nourishing, regenerative, restorative and rejuvenating effect if applied to areas with problems or old skin)
    • In case of high sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation, temperature changes, dry wind, etc.
    • For the elimination of skin irritation and itching, even in case of insect bites
    • To accelerate healing and improve aesthetics after surgery
    • For prevention of eczema, dermatitis, neurodermitis

Application methods:

  1. Applications on the affected area. – The gel is applied to clean skin for 2-3 ml by circular massage movements and repeated applications during a session, until fully absorbed. The gel action reaches maximum results within 15-20 minutes. The duration of the course is 10-15 days with 2-3 sessions per day. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
  2. Massage (the patented methodology). – At the beginning, the special heating massage without creams, transport oils, etc., is carried out to improve blood circulation and microcirculation in the affected area. Then, 5-10 ml (or more if necessary) of the gel is applied to the massage area by rubbing it for 1-2 minutes, almost until the gel is completely absorbed. It is allowed to apply the gel up to three times during a session, if applicable. After applying to the affected area, a patient rests for 3-5 minutes covered with a sheet or blanket with the warming effect. (While you can massage other areas of the body, if applicable). Then the oil carrier is applied and the massage is carried out according to the chosen methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
  3. Physiotherapy to increase the effectiveness of microcirculation and microoscillation physiotherapy procedures. – The gel is recommended to carry out preventive procedures using photophoresis, phonophoresis, electrophoresis and electrotherapy with sinusoidal current of modulated intensity to prevent locomotor system problems (inflammatory processes and degenerative lesions of the locomotor, neuro-muscular systems), as well as a contact gel.
    1. In case of photophoresis and electrotherapy with sinusoidal current of modulated intensity, 5-10 ml are applied by gentle circular movements until absorption (2-3 minutes). Then the area is subject to treatment with a physiotherapy device according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
    2. In case of phonophoresis the physiotherapy device will proceed immediately after applying 5-10 ml of the gel on the affected area without rubbing. The procedure is carried out according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
    3. In case of electrophoresis, 5-10 ml of the gel is applied directly to the affected area and the interelectrode space without rubbing. The electrophoresis procedure is carried out according to the methodology with the established duration of the session. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.
  4. Thermal wraps in cosmetology: The skin should be cleaned using a scrub before applying the gel. (The scrub opens the pores and stimulates sweating), performs the special anti-cellulite massage or massage the problem areas, then apply the gel on the skin and lightly rub the problem areas, roll the patient with the material Special cover for wraps and cover with a blanket for 30 minutes. Then, remove the blanket and the patient’s wrap so that it is showered with hot water. Course duration is 10-15 days. The next course is recommended in 1.5-2 months minimum.

Contraindications: Individual component intolerance, thrombophlebitis and phlebotrombosis.

Term and storage conditions: The product should be stored in a dark place, away from the reach of children, at a temperature of 4 ° to 30 ° C. Expiration period – 2 years. TU 9158-002-30736170-2012. The product is the author’s own development. All rights reserved.

Packaging: 100 ml bottles.

Manufacturer: “Extropant” S.R.L. – according to the order and documentation of the individual entrepreneur Evgeniy Grigoriev, the Russian Federation, 630559, the Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirskiy district, Koltsovo working district, industrial estate of the Public Scientific Center for Virology and Bioengineering “Vektor”, building 112, 1st floor , local 126

Distributor: The company Neopant Caribe SRL, The Dominican Republic. Site:

Cosmetic massage gel – regenerative

It is indicated for use as a medium that has a high regenerative effect, which increases the elasticity and softness of the skin. It is useful in the fight against the first signs of wrinkles (the so-called “crow’s feet” on the eyelids and nasogenian grooves).

It can also be used as a foundation for makeup, below the main protective cream that is applied after complete gel absorption.

Cellulite – by applying protective thermal layers (lasting 40-60 minutes), which help to get rid of the so-called “orange peel”;

Cosmetic massage gel – for scalp care

It is indicated to be used for prophylactic and cosmetic purposes in case of alterations in the growth of the hair or its fall (chemical permanent, straightening curly hair, dyeing the hair). Normalizes the state of hair bulbs, stimulates metabolic processes in the epidermis of the head, accelerates hair growth. Eliminates the sensations of pain and discomfort in the scalp after the application of the mentioned procedures.

Cosmetic massage gel – for the prevention of edema

It is indicated to be used as a medium that has a high anesthetic and absorption action, it helps in case of edema:

  • Which result from different traumas or injuries;
  • Which result from insect bites;
  • On the hands and feet, which result from excessive or strenuous physical exertion; that result from sprains.

Cosmetic massage gel – for skin care after tanning

It is indicated for use in order to take care of the skin:

  • Before tanning – being applied to the skin with a high sensitivity to solar radiation
  • After tanning – in case of solar erythema or sensation of “narrowness” of the skin
  • In case of sunburn – to relieve unpleasant sensations and to prevent skin peeling